Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How are people meeting these days???

I won't do it. I refuse to get on an online dating site again. NEVER! Cross my heart hope to die, meet a man before I cry. I have had lots of dates from the internet, but in all truthfulness, in the past 8 years I have had in the very least 30 dates a year and in all 8 year combined, I have had a whole less then 10 dates that were from plain old meeting in person, friend of a friend etc...So if I refuse to meet a man on a dating website, and I rarely go out to bars, lately it's been like maybe once a week(which is way more than normal), and that's to the same old haunt and really what are the chances of meeting my future husband in a bar?? At the risk of not sounding desperate, HELP!!! How are people meeting these days?? Everyone at my church is married, at the gym all the guys have head phones in, and even when I make eye contact I don't get that feeling back...guys want to work out, not get oogled in the gym right? I've been told some guys can be very imtimidated and that they won't approach a a pretty woman...but come on!! What's a girl to do? I've been told the old adage "Once you stop looking you will find him." So I am stopping. Except at the gym. And church. That's it. Promise. Cross my heart hope to die, kiss me kiss me, before I cry. Thoughts? Suggestions?Love?