Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Elleanor's Bear.

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? I do. Everything. Except for stubbing your toe, I see no reason for that except maybe finding a table in the dark. But I digress.
I have had a series of life events that when they happen I know immediately it’s God ordained. It’s not just chance or a fluke thing.  This may be a simple thing and you all may think “Naw thats just a coincidence!" But to me it’s just a constant reminder that God is watching me and he loves me even If I don’t go to church or pray as often as I should. 

My grandma Elleanor worked at a department (Weinstocks-what is now Macy's) store years (around 1960-70) ago in the Curtain/upholstery section. The store went out of business and she was able to keep all the sample books. So she has hundreds of swatches of fabric that are bright velours, fuzzy velvets and quirky 70’s patterns. All are small rectangles with paper trim on the back and ring holes for the binder. Well Grams, being the frugal crafty lady that she was kept them for YEARS. She always planned on doing something with them but could never decide on what to do. I remember always loving to look at them when I little. Running my hands over the red velours wanting to make something out of it but scared to ask for the fabric. Well when I was visiting her last she told me to go through and pick out some that I wanted. So I did, I set some aside (she has HUNDREDS) and she took it upon herself to send me those ones I set aside. Well when I received them I was thrilled, felt like as her granddaughter she knew I would do something with them, something that she never did. She always wanted to but didn’t know what. Mind you she was always busy with her roses or building a compost or crocheting, I've never known her to sit still. Even now at 95, she plays games, crosswords etc…you cannot slow her down. So last week my grandma had a mini stroke and a mini heart attack and had partial blockage on her heart she was going to need an angiogram and possibly a stint put in. I was upset. Sad I lived so far away. Feeling sorry that I hadn't caller her more often. Sad I haven’t seen her in the past 4 years (I live in TN, she lives in CA, the flights are usually around $400- on a cheap day) sad her little body might not be able to handle surgery. Her little 104 lb body that the she will argue with if you say she weighs otherwise. She weighs 104!  So I was texting my older sister Becca (who is my grams caregiver) and she says "You can FaceTime her if you want and see that she is going good!" I was in bed, with faced washed (READ:no makeup!)  and eyes puffy because I had been crying worrying about my grandma. Becca says “Julie you will see her she is doing good, there’s nothing to worry about!” So I had a blast FaceTime-ing with her, one of the first things she said was “I saw you on the Facebook” lol LOVE HER.
Oh and “ Why do you keep scrunching your face up like that it’s not attractive!”  And I walked about the house and showed her some of the things that she has inspired me to do, surrounding myself with things I love, and a collage of mirrors just like she has! While I was talking to her I told her about giving my friend Jennifer who has an Etsy boutique ( HERE!!! ) some of her fabric swatches. I had given Jennifer the fabric and I swear 4 days later she posted pictures of a beautiful teddy bear she made with Grams fabric!! After that fabulous FaceTime call,  I pulled up the pics of the bear that Jennifer made (to send to my grandma) and realized that she had picked butterfly fabric. I burst into tears. Again. When I was little my grandma had this giant poster of butterflies and all the grandkids would color on them whenever we came over. Grams had butterfly magnets,  butterfly mugs and t-shirts. She loved butterflies. What are the chances that my friend who has never met my grandma would pick a fabric that might as well have had grams name on it???  I felt like was God’s way of saying Grandma’s going to be ok for a while longer.  At Peace. Now to plan that trip out to CALI!!!!