Monday, November 21, 2011

Signs you shouldn't be with him...

Kandee gave me an idea....Ten signs that he is not worth your love and affection:

10:) When the guy you are seeing says "I am not emotionally ready for a relationship" which really means "i just want to get laid and not have to worry about strings attached!" So ladies listen to him and keep on moving! What he is really saying is " I have the maturity of a 13 year old but since I told you beforehand its ok if I treat you like crap."

9.) When he says one thing and does another. Actions speak louder than words, he can tell you till he is blue in the face what he wants to do for you and with you, if he doesn't do them, but only makes empty promises, then that is all they are empty promises. Case and point, the man who kept promising me he would make it up to me after repeatedly canceling on me. When I finally gave him a chance he was so rude, I should have got up and walked out. But it was worth waiting for the filet :) Which brings me to the next number...

8.) If he is rude or mean to you before you are an item, he will be after. You having a commitment with him will not turn him into an angel. The dude who canceled on me to go hunting (20 minutes before the date) also had no problem answering his phone in the first 5 minutes of our first date to talk about hunting.

7.)  He spends the whole first half of the date not talking until you get him talking about something he is passionate about: sewing! Not just any sewing but making a quilt out of Crown Royal bags. You can't make this stuff up people!

6.) If you find out that he either still lives at home with his parents or  his ex, "But you don't have a problem with that right?" still married or lies about something important about how many times (because 2 ex wives and 3 kids are so close to one ex and one kid!) he was married or how many kids he has,  keep on fishing!

5.) If you think "He's too good to be true he probably is!" I knew he was too good when he was scrubbing my bathroom floor, that should have been my first sign !(Not that men don't clean, but that's just not normal!) Police telling me he had a rap sheet a mile long helped...If you suspect something is fishy it probably is. God gives us intuitions for a reason and until you learn to listen to them every time you will continue to end up in compromising or difficult positions. So instead of ignoring that nagging feeling that something was "off" you could be filling out a police report. I did both.

4.)  He lets you pay for a large dinner without so much as batting an eyelash or saying a peep. Any man who truly loves you won't leave you strapped for cash, hanging when the tab comes, or late on a bill because he couldn't put you first.

3.) He calls you, texts you 24/7 and checks up on you to see if you are where you say you are, goes through your phone and accuses you of having too many guy friends. A guy that is this paranoid is this way because he has cheated before and he knows what signs to look for!  Also on the same lines, if a girl warns you about a guy, run! Most girls aren't going to go out of their way to let you know how crazy a guy is unless he is really crazy!

2.) A man who every time you roll over he is wide awake. If a man can't sleep 24/7 is because he is trying to keep his stories/lies straight. I had this happen to me, and a friend had it happen to her, both men we dated were pathological liars. A truthful man can sleep at night...There could be an occasional case of insomnia but every night is another story!

1.) The number one sign you should stay away: If he says "pound" or "impregnate" and is talking about what he wants to do to you and it's your first date RUN!