Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Food Coma? More like FOOD obliteration! Don't mind me while I am channelling Chris Farley!

Why oh why must you freaking hit me once a month you mother of all carbs overload?? Today alone I have eaten Oatmeal,coffee,candy, chicken pot pie, pita and turkey, yogurt, more candy, Southbeach Bar, whole wheat pasta and veggies and 2 oats and honey bars and a hot chocolate. Holy Mary Mother of God! Why don't I just get some cottage cheese out and start spackling it on to my thighs, cause thats where it's all going!! That's all as you were.Move it right along people nothing more to see here. Don't mind me, Just eating my feelings. Going to bed before I start finding something to smother in peanut butter.

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