Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coupons are taking over!

So I don’t know about you but I am seeing coupons and "Extreme Couponing" everywhere! What do you guys think? I have started (well picked it up again) cutting coupons. I have been researching all different websites and reading up on it. It seems like eventually stores will stop letting people walk out of the store without paying more than $2.00 for a $500-$1000 stash of groceries! I found that in the past I seemed to buy things I didn't need because I had a coupon. Now I am trying more to find the deals where things are free or money making. My first little mini excursion, I posted on Facebook last week. It was nowhere near the %98 savings that people have on
Extreme Couponing, but I did save %50. It can be very time consuming but I really really want to learn how to do it the way they do, with one exception, I don’t want to "stockpile" stuff I am not ever going to use. I can see stockpiling stuff that won't go bad (like canned foods etc.)
The one thing I really think that they could show more of behind the scenes, of what they do. I know yay, you used coupons to save $800, but I want to know how to do that! If the average person looks through coupons, they will see "save .35 cent" or "save .55" so how does that go to saving over hundreds of dollars? I know you can use more than one coupon for an item when you have one coupon that is made by a manufacturer and one that is made for a store, but even then how??? Like on Saturday I bought some Snuggle Fabric Softener and All Laundry detergent. They were on sale at Walgreens 2 for $7. Well, I also had one coupon for each, $1 off and .75 off. So for $5.25 I got two things of name brand soap. Nowhere near free but???
I know about sites such as www.southernsavers.com etc...but I still feel like there is so much more I need to know?!! Help peoples!

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  1. A lady who does a blog on deals in my area recently did a 4-part Ultimate Guide to Couponing series. Very helpful. http://www.frugallivingnw.com/theultimateguide/