Saturday, September 3, 2011

I am kissing and telling...

So question here: What do you do when someone is a bad kisser? I just had a date where I felt like he was mauling me with his lips. It was painful actually. I wonder if people ever get told they are a bad kisser? So they have no idea that they are bad kissers. I would assume one can be taught to become a better kisser. But if you come across this situation what would you do? For the most part dude was pretty awesome. He's old enough that he should know how to kiss by now right? And if he doesn't know how to kiss by now? Is there hope?  I think everyone probably thinks they are a good kisser and wouldn't it crush a guy to be told he isn't the best kisser? I guess I could say stuff like "oh I like that" when he isn't mauling me with his stiff lips...thoughts?


  1. Just say, "I love soft, tender kisses, there is magic in loving, gentle soft lips." and then sigh!

  2. is keira.

  3. I'd prefer to know the truth.