Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What women really want part 2...( a jerk right, we always fall for the bad boy!)

Do we women really want a bad boy? No we don't. We just don't want to be stuck with someone that is super is boring and predictable and possibly someone who might not know what a woman really wants/needs. When you think of a bad boy, you might think of a guy who rides a motorcycle, has tattoos, maybe an piercing or two, possibly a meathead/muscle head. But really when girls are "choosing" to date a guy, I don't think they think "OOh he is a bad boy, I want to date him" I think it's more of there is an underlying excitement, an attraction and centrifugal force that you are attracted to this person, there is an  realm of excitement, the butterflies, the sparks! I think for women it's not that women have a fear of being stuck with someone who is "boring" it's more of the attraction just isn't there.  You can't force it, if the feelings aren't there, they just aren't. I can't tell you how many guys I have met or profiles I see on online dating websites look or sound perfect on paper, but then either meet in person or see pictures and realize that it's just not there. Laws of attraction are strong. If the roller coaster doesn't start at the top, its never gonna get there! Sometimes even after a first date I would go on a second date simply because they seemed like they have it all the together, career, house, seems stable etc...but in the end if its spark-less, it's future-less. Looking good on paper doesn't always translate to working out in person no matter how much we want it too.
Honestly no woman wants a man who treats her like crap, cheats or degrades her. But women, correct me if I am wrong. You can have a man that treats you good, is super nice and maybe somewhat predictable, and what do we do? We start to get bored, we pick apart what isn't there, maybe even obsess over what we think we want.

Have you even been with someone and were even debating about possibly breaking up with them and then all of the sudden they break up with you, or have issues, and you are pissed, you don't want to break it off, all of the sudden you want to be with them and and you are upset they are rejecting you! It is almost like you want them more now that they don't want you? Why is that? I know Doctor Phil says most peoples number one fear is fear of rejection. I know this is true, but why even when we were thinking of breaking it off with them, why do we immediately want them more? It's almost like the reverse pyschology thing maybe.  It could even be that it wasn't the best of healthiest relationships but its just the whole point that they reject you. I think any guy could tell you that the second they start withdrawing from a relationship the woman automatically starts going all crazy and texting and calling and FREAKING THE EFF OUT. We start going below the hot line and into the crazy line. She starts replaying the whole what did I do wrong in her head and texting things are downright crazy. There is nothing worse then sending a text and oops, you can't get it back, it goes to as Ted from HIMYM says "textymctextyland" and there is no taking it back!

So, no we don't really want a bad boy, we just want a guy who likes to live life on the edge, maybe have a tattoo or two, but who is not going to just be all macaroni and cheese all the time (gotta love macaroni and cheese, its quick easy and satisfying! But we don't want it every meal!)! We want the guy who likes or will try sushi, they guy who isn't afraid to dance on the dance floor with us, the guy who will sing at the top of his lungs with us in the car, the guy who is spontaneous and surprises us by taking us to a chick flick (and even being outspoken about how good it was) and the guy who might act like he is all tough and bad boy, but behind closed doors he is putty, and loves you like everything you have ever wanted and more.

We want the guy who knows that sometimes cuddling means more then sex. Or that foreplay is where you really win our hearts over.  Give a girl an hour or two in bed, before the deed, and tell me she isn't going to be smitten kitten.
We want the guy who isn't afraid to kill a bug, splash in puddles, speak his mind, eat dessert first, have a shot, stay out on a "school night",and cook or do the dishes.  We maybe even want a guy who will get tattoos together. Not of our name or anything, we aren't as dumb as Kat Von D. Bottom line we want a guy who is really into us. Who wants to be with us, maybe more than we want to be with him. Who isn't afraid to take a class with us at the gym (huge Kudos to a certain someone who took a SUPER HARD Body Combat class with me, scored MAJOR points!)

And on that note hope you enjoyed my ramblings, I am off to go pick up my son from the airport!

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