Monday, July 20, 2009

Blackberry Picking Y'all!

Originally posted on myspace Sunday, July 27, 2008
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Its funny how no matter busy or chaotic your life is, you can take part of something that just makes you stop and enjoy the moments of life. This something for me, was as simple as taking my boys to do something that I did growing up as a little girl in the hills of Northern California. Blackberry picking! We would go blackberry every summer, me my sister Becca, Sam, Cecily, Michael, Janine and sometimes Nico. Our moms would give us Tupperware containers and we would hike what felt like miles (could have been one, I have no clue now!) and go down to the little wooden bridge and pick till our fingers bled. It always seems like the juiciest plumpest ones, were growing just beyond reach, and If you were daring enough you would risk the skin of your legs and arms and hands getting jagged scratches from the thorns to reach the king size one of them all! We would have purple fingers, purple mouths and be as happy as could be. It was such a fun time...On the way back, which was harder will full containers, that would not as full but by the time we got home,we would play this little game. For some reason we would push the envelope of cussing too, it wasn't quite kid would say "Shi" and the other one would giggle and say "it" and then another one would say "shit" and would would laugh....and we couldn't tell on each other for cussing, cause we all did it!So yesterday myself, my two boys and three next door neighbor girls took our puppy for a walk, and on the way back, we stopped at a park and found a huge blackberry patch. We after tasting them, decided we had to run home and get containers! We then ran home, and got Ziploc and picked and picked....the kids had so much fun. It was too cute, Sloane, the youngest of the group, said at least twice, the is the most fun I have ever had. :-) So after our fingers had bled, and our bags were full, we went home, and I baked the best blackberry cobbler I have ever had! I think it might have even been better then my mama's!! YUM! I also made homemade ice much for my diet....oh well life is too short to not enjoy free berries in your back yard!! Happy Pickin ya'all!

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