Monday, July 20, 2009

Tales from online dating H-E-double hockeysticks!

At what point or age do you get to, do you realize ahead of time what you are doing is not beneficial to your quality of life? At what point do you say enough is enough? How much do i have to be a glutton for punishment in the bad date hall of fame?
For example, I continually go on dates where I know ahead of time even without meeting them, that its like 90% of a sure chance that this someone that is most likely not my type. I always have this stupid little voice go "What if he is better looking in person?" or "What if he turns out to be your prince charming?" or "Maybe he can talk better then he spells?"....ha ha uh ha.
I could say that I know the chances of me finding my Mr. Right or Mr. Right now on the Internet are slim to none. But then again, I look at Derek and Miss Vikki Leigh!!! They are smitten! So I guess I am not giving up completely.
I mean even though there was the "black midget" who practically stalked me! (who after one date would have married me, and I knew the second I saw him it would never work, learned my lesson on meeting someone with no pics!) and the "19 pet guy". Yes folks 19 pets! Um that's kind of a deal breaker!!! WOW! 19 pets why oh why???
Then there was the guy who on the third (yes i said third!!!) date, got quite inebriated and left me downtown at midnight alone, after biting my shoulder (not a love bite either) and dumping an entire glass of water on me! He came back to pick me up, after I'd already given up on him, and found my friends to hang out with and get a ride home.Then after getting his friend a bartender to give us a ride home, he farted on me, poured water on me and smacked me on the butt. Needless to say, there was not so much as a phone call let alone a fourth date! I "broke" it off with him through my my space "status!" Never so quickly have I raced to change the "in a relationship" to "single!" Hey, if you met on the net, you can break up on the net!!And to think that was a business man!!! In the business of not knowing how to treat a woman!
Then there was the "metro-sexual" who had a pot of melon flavoured lip gloss. If a guys lips taste better then mine...Houston we've got a problem! Need I say more?
I really won't go on with the risk of just looking like a floozy. Ha....I've had so many bad "one dates" I should have given up long ago! What is the point of writing this other then to give myself and a few others some giggles at my dating catastrophes? :-)I keep swearing I should write a book. I was originally thinking "How to Not meet the Man of your dreams on the Internet!" and have been hoping that I should change the title to "How TO meet the man of your dreams on the Internet!" I've been on just about every dating website there is. I know which ones are cool, and I know how to write the proper profile.
I had a profile on a certain site, that I thought, u know I'm going to make some changes, and see what happens. Apparently I can write a well-written profile (well i had some cute new pics too) because in about 4 hours time I got 18 new emails! So all that to say its fun, having the pick of all the online shopping for a husband ha ha ha. But in all of those emails, maybe two out of eighteen were men that even piqued my interest. And of course wouldn't ya know as my luck would have it, those two lived over two hours away!!! I'm still not giving up. I keep thinking that if God wanted me to meet someone maybe he would just pop them into my life. But then a few weeks of me spending Friday nights at the gym or sitting in a chair reading a Barnes and Noble go by, and I get restless. Which, there is nothing wrong with those things, just enough to put a cute single girl into a mild depression!!!!
Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine said the guy wasn't spongeworthy? Well I too have had that epiphany. Only mine wasn't in forms of birth control lol. Mine was "he wasn't worth my Bare Minerals...":-)

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