Monday, July 20, 2009

To the single mom thinking of getting a puppy:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DON'T! Ive had 4 hermit crabs 4 or 5 fish, two hamsters, and a bird. All of which are now dead, no fault of mine. :-) I think. lol.... We tried a puppy 3 years ago, and couldn't handle it. Thought it was because it was a healer mix, and nipped at our heels all the time, but all puppies do that apparently.I now have two cats which I think I have had three years. I just got a puppy about a month ago...and lordy the worst thing I could have ever done! Most of my time is spent cleaning up after pets, breaking up brawls between them, keeping the puppy trained.....oh my lordy exhausting....with a new job its overwhelming! SAY NO TO A PUPPY!!! Its worse then a newborn!
Here's just a small list of things destroyed by ROXY :-)
Nintendo Wire
Phone charger wire
Cable Wire
(now all wires are covered by foam)
library book
3 pairs of my Victoria Secret $7 each underwear!!
my king mattress egg crate mattress topper, now has giant sized chunks in the middle, where I tried to "puzzle" the pieces back in after she bit them!
She's chewed through 2 leashes,
and I have 4 or 5 shirts or dresses that have holes from her teeth!!
and lots of flip flops and other lil things!
Chewed on the legs to my dining room table, which is less
then a year old!
Um OK...update, she chewed up the wire to a box fan,
peed on my ottoman, Chewed some Tupperware!!!
as of right now I'm typing ..board that has um about 20 keys chewed off k s hard to type!!!
RRRR I'm so over the puppy phase!

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